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DAL Wiimote Server and Wiicam for Maya


Wiimote Server for Maya allows a Wiimote controller and an optional nunchuck controller to communicate with Autodesk Maya. It is a simple integration of the WiiYourself! library by gl.tter with Maya's built-in mocap server. Wiicam for Maya is an accompanying mel script which sets up connections between a Wiimote and a Maya camera. It allows the user to control a camera with a Wiimote to simulate the look of a handheld camera. Users can capture these movements for use in animation.

the wiicam in action:


Wiimote Server and Wiicam for Maya [zip, 306KB]
Maya Wiimote Server Source Code [zip, 641KB]


1) Copy the "dalWiicam.mel" file into your Maya script directory (e.g. "My Documents/maya/scripts").

2) Connect a Wiimote to your computer via Bluetooth. For a list of Bluetooth devices and drivers that are known to work with the Wiimote see http://www.wiili.org/index.php/Compatible_Bluetooth_Devices. You can also read the "Getting Connected" section of Brian Peek's article about connecting to the Wiimote.

3) Turn on IR sensor bar.

4) Optional: To make sure the Wiimote and computer are communicating correctly, you can run Demo/Demo.exe (created by gl.tter) and see if the values from the Wiimote are being received and processed correctly.

5) Run mayaWiimoteServer.exe . The Wiimote should be found and will vibrate for a short amount of time.

6) Run Maya and execute the command "dalWiicam" from the command line. This will open the Wiicam window.

7) Click on the "Connect" button to connect Maya to the Wiimote Server.

8) The Wiicam window provides controls for:
       a) choosing or creating a camera to control
       b) creating reference objects to observe camera movements more clearly
       c) enabling and disabling different camera controls
       d) setting the sensitivity for each control
       e) capturing the movements of the camera in real-time and applying them as keyframes

9) Alternately, you can use the Maya Device Editor (Window -> Animation Editors -> Device Editor) to connect any of the Wiimote outputs into any attribute within Maya.

Additional Notes:

-Wiicam is currently designed to work with 2 IR dots. For all controls to work, both dots must be visible to the Wiimote. For best results situate the sensor bar approximately 2-3 feet away from the Wiimote. Also make sure both the Wiimote and sensor bar are receiving enough battery power.

-It is recommended to turn on each control separately before turning them all on at once. This allows you to see the effect of each control more clearly.

-Wiicam only works with Maya cameras that don't have aim or up handles.


Pan - Rotate Wiimote left and right.

Tilt - Rotate Wiimote up and down.

Roll - Turn Wiimote on its side.

Dolly - Move Wiimote away from or closer to the IR sensor bar.

Zoom in/out - Hold the B button to zoom in and the A button to zoom out.

Truck - Hold left or right on the d-pad.

Pedestal - Hold up or down on the d-pad.


-Created at the Digital Arts Research Lab @ Pratt Institute (http://dal.pratt.edu)

-Conceived by Rob O'Neill (roneill at dal.pratt.edu) (http://www.morphometric.com)

-Developed by Paris Mavroidis (paris at parismav.com) (http://www.parismav.com)

-Maya Wiimote Server contains WiiYourself! wiimote code by gl.tter (http://gl.tter.org)